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Just Begin…

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

A week before Christmas, I heard Canadian singer/songwriter Jann Arden perform her song, Insensitive, on television. For some reason, the song’s haunting melody stayed with me after I finished watching. Not really knowing the words, I decided to look them up on the ‘Net – and here is what I found. Perhaps you know this verse…

 How do you numb your skin
       after the warmest touch?
 How do you slow your blood
       after the body rush?
 How do you free your soul
      after you’ve found a friend?
 How do you teach your heart
      it’s a crime to fall in love again….

Oh, you probably won’t remember me,
      it’s probably ancient history
 I’m one of the chosen few
     who went ahead and fell for you
 I’m out of hope, I’m out of touch
     I fell too fast, I feel too much
 I thought that you might have
     some advice to give on how to be

The song is about a lover whose partner suddenly turns cold; whose now casual manner and embrace tell her (or him) that there’s no longer love between them. And the singer asks how to cool her own feelings, and become “insensitive”…

Something about the song kept calling me. But as I read and re-read the words, I didn’t understand; they didn’t seem to apply to me. I haven’t had that experience, I thought. I must be mistaken. It must be something else… And then I realized: I have done that to myself. (more…)